Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Security & Safety are of prime importance of the day. Crime & violence are everyday news. We learn so many things to excel our life; shouldn’t we learn something for safety and protection of such valuable life itself? With the world-wide demand for such reality based system CSD actually a real life pragmatic solution to the everyday dangers and hazards. As a logically devised, quick learning and easy to master yet really effective features of CSD has created a new sensation across the globe.

CSD Training courses for Self-Defense and essential life saving skills & safety measures not only save us from deadly encounters but also keeps us fit and protect us from many causes of harassment, life long suffering & disorders. Men, women, old, weak all shouldn’t wait and allow ourselves to be the VICTIM rather we should learn to deal with bullies, defend against armed assailants, car jacking, sexual assaults, knife attacks, street mugging, robbery, car accident etc and learn essential Life saving skills to survive even when our nervous system is likely to freeze up and lose fine motor coordination from  adrenal rush .

Yes, you can also be a part of this world renowned most comprehensive reality self defense system training and host a training camp or a seminar in your location with the CSD International chief instructor Grand Master Dr.Yuree. You need a convenient space for training and at least six persons interested who are able to fulfil CSD basic training terms. With your expected date, time and initial proposal just email us and we shall organise the necessary matters to make it a success.

No, participants do not need any sort of prior training or previous martial arts experience other than applicants for instructor’s course. Any thing any be considered as an added assistance. Besides, trainees with out any Martial arts background may complete up to the third level of CSD training and then can join the Instructor’s course as well. 

Practically the physical fitness is not going to matter for understanding the course but for acquiring further skills and efficiency may demand some. Besides, you do not have to be in a very good shape but if you are in little poor physical condition you may find few parts of the practical sessions somewhat challenging. CSD course is a human instinct based system that helps one to guide through the principals to trigger the required solution spontaneously and naturally as situation demand, and since most of the matter is described inside the class room the feeling of physical challenge is quite less.
In order to prepare for the LEVEL 2 & 3 Courses, we suggest you to try comfortable walk 3 to 4 miles for some time before joining the course, which may help you to participate in the repetition of physical techniques with right power and speed.

Yes, infact it is very suitable for women and contains a specialized course specifically for women. As the CSD course is designed to be effective for all sex, weight, height and fitness level and there are many women are eagerly joining this CSD course. Some women are also joining the Instructors course with great success, brining a new dimension to their life and the society as well.

During the CSD course you should put on comfortable, loose fitting, lightweight, layered clothing and comfortable shoe or a pair of sneakers. The participant should bring their own note books, pen, still camera (if they want), bottled drinking water, towel. No VIDEO camera or Audio recorder, container, bag, any sort of weapons or equipment are allowed in side the class room. Participants should enter the class carrying minimum things, additional thing may be left outside the area.

We have air-conditioned classroom facilities on site for teaching lecture material. This allows you to learn basic principles in a comfortable climate controlled environment, and do the practical elements of the course in the field. Since you come to learn to defend and survive, the durable conditioning of open-air training help to acquire the realistic experience through adaptations to different situations.

You do not have to do anything you don’t want to do. The course actually guides opening the different avenues of your own, therefore the compulsion is not a feature we insist. You do not have to participate in some events which you feel not adaptable by your present situation.

Safety is an integral part of the CSD training systems and all the programs are structured with safety as a priority. We believe a cornerstone of the physical discipline is to train safely. With the high standard of safety regulations, CSD team had been conducting courses so long very safely with out any injury or incident. However, it must be clearly understood that scenario based effective tactical training demands the element of realism, and thus some times it may involve some manageable risks. For the instructors training this begins with teaching entry level training individual safety responsibilities and continues with the applied form of education of leaders on how to conduct safe training.

Yes, of course!! All the general participants and instructors may just get certified and not aiming necessarily for teaching only. There are many a CSD instructors certified instructors have proudly have won the licence but did it purely for own satisfaction, personal knowledge and great fitness level they reach. The motivation, sense of discipline, higher fitness ,sound health and much more comes as a blessing in CSD training.