Combat Self Defense Courses

Anyone and Everyone concerned about their Own Security and Safety and protecting their Friends, Family and Loved ones. Combat Self Defense can be a valuable tool for everyone from all walks of life for survival and self defense. Combat Self Defense system is based on “Prevention is better than cure” principal, but when violence knocks on the door, Combat Self Defense teaches to Fight back, hit first and fast, use surprise and dirtiest tactics, and to use whatever ensures survival. CSD provides the highet level of training to deal with high stress and overcome fear, opening a new era of life.


***Private Trg.-GBP.  115 /hr and expenses.

Licensed Instructors can surely teach CSD system but no one is authorized to certify Instructors’. Certification is centrally authorised and signed by the Int’l Chief instructor Grand Master Dr. Yuree only. Instructors may buy the certificates as required and give those to the respective trainees up to level three and do not have the authority to sign those by themselves until they reach Master Instructor level.

Basic Requirements / trg. Terms for CSD Civilian Training Courses:
Fill up the CSD trainee application form.
Approval of the CSD International Chief instructor.
Should not be physically or mentally handicapped.
Age should be minimum 11 years or older
Clean Back ground with no criminal /conviction record.

All Trainees shall receive :
High Quality Printed Certificate.
Free CSD emblem / Wall Mat.
Free membership of World Combat Self Defense Federation.
Enjoy special discount for CSD store, camps and courses.

Contact us with any questions or queries at csdworldwide@yahoo.com