Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree

GRAND MASTER PROF. DR. YUREE – The Master of the Masters, World’s leading Martial art Exponent, Hall of Famer and World Record Holder, Grand Master Dr.Yuree (10 degree Black Belt) President ‘World Combat Self Defense Federation’ with a Legendary Lineage from Asia. Dr.Yuree a security, law-enforcement & Military unarmed combat specialist, Military Master defensive tactics and Counter-Terrorist Trainer, Expert on Explosives Search and Recognition and VVIP/Dignitary Protection, Consultant and Visiting lecturer to the Government Security and Intelligence Agencies. He has the world record fame and known as “The Thundershin Man” for his unique shin kick prowess.

Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree has researched and studied over 40 different martial arts styles of the world, trained and cross trained around the world ranging with military, Para-military, Intelligence agencies, special force units, law enforcement officials, Close Protection officers, Security Company personnel, professional and corporate officials, celebrities and Diplomats and people from all walks of life for over 25 years. His experience of Martial Arts, Defensive tactics, Security and Protection is unparallel in the world.

Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree is amongst the only few in the world to be recognized with the premier awards by the all major hall of fame authorities in less than three years time after he allowed exposure of his art to the western world, and after his decision to promote easy to learn and efficient self defense system that can be used by all (CSD etc). The awards are as following:-


  • Grand Master Dr. Yuree has studied and researched in-depth over 40 different Martial Arts styles of the world which includes some of the most rare, ancient, functional and lethal martial arts in history.


Grand Master Prof. Yuree has a very rich academic background on Specialized Security and Martial Science. After finishing primary education his life as a young boy and Cadet began in the Military feeder institution developed under the British Military official standard and headed by British Sr. Military personnel where he grew up in the iron discipline of Military boarding school. A remarkably talented cadet with dynamic excellence, he always took the lead in his studies like Military science, Physical training, Obstacle course, Unarmed combat, Military drills. He was specially selected to carry the National flag in the pilot unit ‘Color Party’ as an exemplary performer and was honored with the award as one of the very few “Distinguished Cadet”.

Dr. Yuree began his Martial Arts career with THAING (BANDO & BANSHY) and he is a seventh (7 th) degree black belt holder in Bando, 5th degree black-belt holder in Banshy, the Burmese classical unarmed combat and weapons martial art, at the age of nine.

Dr. Yuree studied the ancient and most deadliest art of pressure point combat, Varma Kalai, under the Gurukul of Great Assan Vaskaran and became the Master of this deadly art, now only practiced by select few for preservation of the art and some parts of it taught to the Military and Special unit soldiers of different Government. Grand Master Dr.Yuree is also popularly known as the “Edii Atteel“ (Thunder Spirit), in the traditional school of varma kalai and siddha circle, a title given by the great Varma Kalai Guru at the. Grand Master Dr. Yuree has founded the art of Combat Varma Kalai which combines the most effective and functional pressure point techniques of Varma Kalai and most modern and scientific delivery methods of the techniques based on science, research and decades of experience. More info on Combat Varma Kalai can be found at www.combatvarmakalai.com, which is currently being taught selectively to limited number of practitioners and Government Defense organizations.

After accomplishment of two decades of acquiring mastery, specializing in self-defense forms and weapons and reaching a higher plane of martial arts, Grand Master Dr. Yuree later Founded the science based revolutionary Butthan Martial art system (www.butthan.net ) – the noble art of stopping fight and enlightenment – which has signed a mark in the sub-continental history, having thousands of practitioners in the world whose lives have been spirited by the art, and has put a precious feather in his crown.

He extensively studied “YOGA” (“RAJ” & “HATH”), Gupta Sastra (secret knowledge) and various mental training methods and doctrines of Indian, Chinese, Tibet & Burma. Prof. Yuree has carried out research and development on the essence of Vajromusti (ancient most Indian boxing), Varma-Kalai, Sialambam, Jujitsu, Kalaripayte, Bando, Banshy, Chuan Fa, Tibetan Kempo, Thai Boxing, Min Zin (psychophysical & spiritual defensive system), Latthi Khela, Pranayam (Breath Control) etc for about two decades.


Dr. Yuree is the official successor of the Grand Master Khin Maung Gyi (Asse-Amma Bando),Burma and blessed by late Grand Master Shi De Qian, the 31st head abbot of historical Shaolin Temple, China. Grand Master Dr.Yuree is a UN representative, Security Advisor and Good will ambassador to World Human Rights Service Council, USA.

Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree has researched and studied over 40 different martial arts styles of the world and has taken the bold mission to revive the lost heritage of Indian Sub-continental Martial Arts through a historical research work linking Kancheepuram and Shaolin Temple.

He has under taken the cause of Self-defense with stern minded training and devotion towards the ultimate crown of success. Prof. Yuree’s revolutionary slogan ‘’Martial Arts for advancement of life” created a whole new height in the arena of professional and scholarly studies across the world. He is continuing his unique research in the historical roots of Martial arts and Indian sub-continental heritage as an outstanding visiting lecturer and faculty member of European Union University. After his doctorate degree in Martial science from USA, the WHOF Sokeship council recognized him as a Professor in the concerned field. Dr. Yuree also availed the blessings of legendry wushu Grand Master Shi De Qian, the 31st generation heir of former Abbot Su Xi from historical Shaolin temple.

Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree’s Scenario based world class Combat Self defense (CSD) program , is the life saving skills training program and the ‘F.I.R.S.T. for Law Enforcement, intelligence agencies & Security personnel and AMCQC for Military and elite units which is the expression of one of his global projects has been a symbol of his endeavor for the empowerment of Mankind through acquiring self confidence and indomitable determination to continue inspiration of life and stand against the terrorism world-wide and a reflection of his personal philosophy of “True will is Immortal”.

Thousands of disciples and admirers at home and abroad have been benefited by following his philosophy of life. They are very keen and determined to uphold his revolutionary concept and practice of human behavior reconstruction and building confidence in performance for a new life to achieve greater benefit for the mankind. He has been excelling gradually by charismatic exposure of inherent spirit and has been very popularly known and addressed as, “Teacher” by all his followers, fans and admirers.

Grand Master Prof. Yuree is eminently regarded as the foremost and outstanding authority and innovator with a reputation of being an intensive curator with expertise in the field of Personal protection, Military defensive tactics and security training sector, etc. He is an accomplished philosopher, a committed master, brilliant strategist, and a time honored successor in the today’s world.


  • Grand Master Dr. Yuree is a permanent representative of the United Nations, Goodwill ambassador and security consultant to “World Human Rights Service Council” USA and Minister of “International Parliament for Safety and Peace”.

  • Dr. Yuree is also the Director General of Global Executive Protection and Security Training Agency (GEPSTA), and CEO Twin Dragons Security International.

  • Grand Master Prof. Yuree has been honored with the title of the ‘Peaceful Dragon with Golden Claw’, officially declared by the embassy of Kingdom of Royal Bhutan.

  • He is the Commandant, Rangers Academy of Security & Defense (RASD) the distinguished institution that provides unique security, intelligence and Military combative training to all the top Government security agencies like Special Security Forces (SSF), Bangladesh Army, Police Staff College, Bangladesh Navy, National Security Intelligence (NSI), Bangladesh Rifles (Border Security), Riot Police, Coast-guard, and other verified persons to face the challenging task in the relevant fields.

  • He is the National Director of International Bodyguard Association (IBA), the largest protection related training / services association, established in Paris 1957 and International Police Tactics Trainers Association, USA.

  • Licensed Instructor & Examiner of Int’l Law Enforcement Training Agency (ILETA), UK.

  • Instructor member of American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), a member of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

  • Vice-president World Hall of Fame Sokeship Council.

  • Inventor of TL-6 Dynamic Security Baton which has been used by the Police, Coast-guards, United Nations peace keeping force and other security and law-enforcing agencies.

  • Certified in Commissioned Officers’ Course on Security Management and Law, USA Standard under the Texas Board of Private Investigation and Security Agencies, from National Security Academy, Houston, USA, Scientific Body guarding Procedure and Operation, from International Bodyguard Association, London, UK, Specialized Military Weapons and Explosives with the Latvian government special force, Riga, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Search & Recognition Course under the supervision of the expert of Bomb Disposal Unit, Royal Engineers, British Army, Modern Method of Private Investigation and Analysis, National Security Academy, USA, Standard CPR and first aid certified under American red cross program, Standard certification in First Aid at work-UK, Safety Procedures and Security of Bank Premises During Emergency and Critical Hours, USA, Problems and Security Measures of High Raised Buildings and Towers, USA and Modern Airport Security Management and Its System, USA.

  • Completed his Aviation security training and close protection study under SIA, level-3 (highest qualification) in UK .

Grand Master Prof. Yuree is eminently regarded as the foremost and outstanding authority and innovator with a reputation of being an intensive curator with expertise in the field of Personal protection, Military defensive tactics and security training sector, etc. He is an accomplished philosopher, a committed master, brilliant strategist, and a time honored successor in the today’s world. His revolutionary philosophy and the system of Combat Self-defense (CSD), now heading internationally to a new horizon of universal excellence.