Combat Self Defense® (CSD) System

Combat Self Defense® or CSD is a comprehensive Self Defense system scientifically desinged from its core principal and concepts to physical engagement techniques for simplicity so anyone without previous experience and of any fitness level can learn this system in a short time. Unlike many other systems, CSD does not limit itself to physical techniques and comprise of all the essentials aspects of self defense including Threat detection/analysis, Threat Avoidance Tactics, Threat De-escalation/ Neutralization and Conflict Resolution tactics besides Physical Engagement techniques and tactics.

Combat Self Defense is based on 5 Self Defense tools to deal with 5 stages of Conflicts that every conflict must go through. The tools are used as a step by step guide and is taught in a simple manner to impart knowledge easily. Combat Self Defense is has is designed for realistic Self Defense, Personal Protection, Security and Safety, and masterfully crafted and perfected by world’s leading Authority on unarmed combat and internationally recognized Martial Arts Grand Master, Dr. Mak Yuree, to be adopted by Everyone.

The Combat Self Defense ® (CSD) System is a world class self defense system logically combining Grand Master Dr. Mak Yuree’s experience of 2 decades with Martial arts, Military and Law-Enforcement Training and his versatile cross training experiences with world’s top Military, Special & Elite forces.

The term Combat Self Defense ® (CSD) is a translation from its original Sanskrit term “Dvandvik Atmaraksma ®”. Combat Self-Defense ® means to fight or struggle, and take effective realistic measures to defend oneself. CSD It incorporates Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree’s doctrine and defines the patent term “Combat Self-Defense ®”. Combat Self-Defense ® is scientifically designed to prepare an individual to effectively deal with conflicts, and violent situations through realistic training methods. Combat Self-Defense® was developed with the aim of providing the trainees with lessons and training in self-defense in shortest possible time, emphasizing maximum threat neutralization in “real life” context. Combat Self-Defense® minimizes or eliminate elements of martial arts training that are not directly related to practical application, such as acrobatic or aesthetic techniques, rituals, ceremony and kata, to make the system adaptable for Civilians, Law-Enforcement and Military units. Combat Self-Defense® places importance on gross motor skill training and simple, high-percentage moves which work under Adrenal Rush in confrontational situations. Combat Self Defense® incorporates Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree’s doctrine and defines the patent term “Combat Self-Defense®”.


Anyone and Everyone concerned about their Own Security and Safety and protecting their Friends, Family and Loved ones. Combat Self Defense can be a valuable tool for everyone from all walks of life for survival and self defense.

Combat Self Defense system is based on “Prevention is better than cure” principal, but when violence knocks on the door, Combat Self Defense teaches to Fight back, hit first and fast, use surprise and dirtiest tactics, and to use whatever ensures survival. CSD provides the highet level of training to deal with high stress and overcome fear, opening a new era of life.