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STOP living in fear, Learn to Defend Yourself and your Loved ones against real life dangers of everyday. Learn to detect threats, use tactics and techniques to deter, avoid, de-escalate, eliminate and defend against dangers and threats before or after they do damage. Lead your life with Combat Self Defense® Confidence. Seats for the events are limited, so Sign up and book your place today!

Combat Self-Defense® is scientifically designed to prepare an individual to effectively deal with conflicts, and violent situations through realistic training methods. The Combat Self Defense (CSD) System has been made combining Grand Master Dr. Mak Yuree’s experience of 2 decades with Martial arts, Military and Law-Enforcement Training and his versatile cross training experiences with world’s top Military, Special & Elite forces.

Combat Self-Defense® was developed with the aim of providing the trainees with lessons and training in self-defense in shortest possible time, emphasizing maximum threat neutralization in “real life” context. Combat Self-Defense® minimizes or eliminate elements of martial arts training that are not directly related to practical application, such as acrobatic or aesthetic techniques, rituals, ceremony and kata, to make the system adaptable for Civilians, Law-Enforcement and Military units. Combat Self-Defense® places importance on gross motor skill training and simple, high-percentage moves which work under Adrenal Rush in confrontational situations. It incorporates Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree’s doctrine and defines the patent term “Combat Self-Defense®”. Join NOW


Grand Master Dr. Yuree

Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree is a world’s leading Martial Arts Grand Master, Security and Unarmed Combat veteran, Military Master defensive tactics and Counter-Terrorist Trainer, Expert on Explosives Search and Recognition and VVIP/Dignitary Protection, Consultant and Visiting lecturer to the Government Security and Intelligence Agencies.

Grand Master Prof. Dr. Yuree is amongst the only few in the world to be recognized with the premier awards by the all major hall of fame authorities worldwide for his contribution and experience of Martial Arts, Defensive tactics, Security and Protection which is unparallel in the world, after he allowed exposure of his art to the western world, and after his decision to promote easy to learn and efficient self defense system that can be used by all (CSD etc). He has been awarded:

Grand Master Dr. Yuree has researched and studied over 40 different martial arts styles of the world, trained and cross trained around the world ranging with military, Para-military, Intelligence Agencies, Special Forces units, Law Enforcement agencies & officials, Close Protection Officers, Security Personnel, Professionals, Corporate Officials, Celebrities and Diplomats and people from all walks of life for over 2 decades. for more information click here

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I am currently in California and will be taking bookings from September 2020.


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